• Sasha Ryerson

I Got My License!

After joining dRoberts Realty five and a half years ago, I am super excited to announce that…

I am now a Broker! Yay!

As most of my friends and family know, dRoberts Realty does primarily commercial leasing, sales and management, but as some of you may not know, we have also recently stepped into the residential market. We’re happy to say that while we still focus on commercial, we are now a full-service brokerage.

I got licensed because I love what I do. It’s something different, every day. I love meeting people who are looking for space for a business, a passion, or a project and facilitating that process for them. I love working with property owners to help their property meet it’s highest potential.

As a brand new broker, I am humbled to be working with some industry pros. Our brokerage is lucky to be owned and operated by an experienced team that brings 40+ (let’s just say many, many), years of in-the -field experience. That’s the kind of knowledge that you can’t get from your 90+ hours of Broker Basics, and it’s invaluable when you are dealing not only with people’s assets, but with people’s dreams. The dream of having your own business or your own home, or a profitable investment property—these are the kinds of things that require you have absolute confidence in your brokerage. I do.

Thank you Doug, Anita and Cheryl for letting me hang my license at dRoberts Realty. I couldn’t ask for a better job, or a better team—Cheers!

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